Day 7

uly 7, 2020 – My Amazing Aaron I did a post about your brothers so I have been trying to find pictures of just you and your sister Chantal. I finally found a couple but most of the pictures I have are of all of you together so I will just post these two from 2006. You sister was the boss of you all including you when you would let her any way. A lot of the time you would go off and play by yourself while she would have Sebastian and Jack play school or house. You loved your sister though and I am so glad I have these pictures of the two of you. I wish that you were here to spend time with all of us and be an awesome uncle to Peyton, Landon and Taylin – they all talk now so I know you would have fun hanging out with them 🤣 I miss you so much. I love you with all my heart always and forever no matter what ❤️🦊

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