Day 5

July 5,2020 My Amazing Aaron- the internet is down so I am not able to download the pictures I was going to put up tonight so I will do two of my favorites and the picture of the tattoo you got in May 2016. This was one of your drawings and when you went out to Colorado Sebastian took you to his tattoo shop. You were so excited to get it done. I’m going to get the same but I am working myself up to it because that area hurts. I’m going to put it by your name that I have on my wrist so it will be in the same place you have yours. I’ve got to get through work the next few days and then everyone from Colorado will be in town. After the weekend I hope I make it because it has been a hard one. I keep pushing so I don’t shut down. Sebastian talks to me on the phone and Jack even stopped by and made me an excellent omelette today. I wish he could make you one. You guys liked it when I made you omelettes so I know you would like the ones Jack makes. I miss you every day my beautiful boy. I love you with all my heart always and forever no matter what ♥️🦊

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