Why Is It So Hard To Remember

November 17, 2019 – The year is 2009 my Amazing Aaron. It has gotten so much harder to look at pictures – to look at our lives and the fun times we had. While they were not all good – I would rather have bad days with you here instead of all my days with you gone. There is no way ever to describe what this life is like – the parents that I have met over the 3 years and 4 months that you have been gone understand and I still don’t know how they do it. I am either trying to keep my mind busy so I don’t think about you being gone or I live in a constant state of shock that you are actually gone. “Actually” was one of your favorite words for a while when you were little – it was so funny and cute to hear that word come out of your mouth. You always found these words that were too old for you and I would wonder how the heck do you know that word? I wish I was better with memories like my friend Kim is – she can remember conversations that she had with her son Keagan – I only have snippets of time – even looking at some of the pictures don’t include the memories but I am oh so grateful for those pictures of your beautiful face. I miss you every day my beautiful boy. I love you with all my heart always and forever no matter what ❤️🦊2009

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