None Of The “Stuff” Mattered

November 16, 2019 – 2010 is the year and we had some fun adventures – your birthday was a big hit because I took you to Hooters – man were you happy that day. You loved – loved Ded Bob – he just cracked you up – you were even excited to get your picture taken with him. We had a lot of good times and some bad times but we always loved each other – no matter what. My Amazing Aaron I saw a little boy today – I smiled at him and he immediately smiled back – it made me cry. It made me think of you as a little boy and how much you loved on me and then the different phases you went through – there was a time there in middle school that I wasn’t allowed to hug you in public – that one didn’t last too long, thankfully. I have been pretty weepy today – thinking about everything and how tired and frustrated I was feeling when you died. All the feelings come and go, but I guess as your birthday gets closer it’s more of a daily thing. I ride it and look at it trying to find answers that I know I will never have. One thing I do know is that all the stress and frustration I felt at that time never came close to what I feel since you died. We focus on all of this stuff that we think matters and not one single thing mattered. I miss you every single day my beautiful boy. I love you with all my heart always and forever no matter what ❤️🦊2010

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