I Miss Your Voice

November 12, 2019 – 2014 was the year we moved to Alabama so half the year was spent in Colorado and half here. You finished your junior year of high school but even though you only had one year of high school you were up for the move – you told me it would be a new adventure. I look at the pictures and the things we did and I think how blessed I am to have you as my son. You loved animals – I keep finding new pictures of you with different animals. If we went to someone’s house that had a cat or dog you would find it and cuddle with it – most of the time even lying on the floor and letting it crawl all over you. You got your learner’s permit and I remember the time we got lost while I was letting you drive – we laughed and had so much fun. You were all in with the military – going to the recruiters and getting to work out on the weekends – you loved getting the ARMY swag. You loved music and art – in Colorado we went downtown together and went to the museum and in Alabama we went to Lowe Mill – you loved it when you found a place that did comic book drawings – you would have spent every day there if you could. I listened to your swearing in ceremony the other day – I don’t listen to it very often because it is so painful to hear your voice. It is the only recording I have of your voice. I do have some other videos of you when you were little but this one is different because it is how you sounded when you died. I miss your voice – I miss your laugh – I miss arguing with you – I miss laughing with you – I just miss you my Amazing Aaron. I love you with all my heart always and forever no matter what ❤️🦊 2014

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