I’ve been watching a lot of different people post jokes and memes about this whole Epstein thing and suicide in general. I watch on popular television shows people telling each other to kill themselves or joke about suicide. I read books that one of the big jokes is suicide. SUICIDE IS NOT A JOKE… One of my favorite quotes by Maya Angelou is “when you know better you do better”. I know I have said so many stupid things in my life that I will never be able to count them all – I probably always will but when I learn something new I do try and be respectful of what is being asked by a group or culture or organization. They are usually fair and reasonable requests. I’m sure all the jokes about suicide were there before but I didn’t really pay attention. Now I do. Suicide is a part of my story. A part of my family’s story. A part of my son Aaron’s story. No, it is not the whole story but I have been deeply affected and forever changed by it. I now know better so I try and do better. I would think that by knowing me, by being my friend, by knowing my son died by suicide that you would know better…

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